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Top 10 Vitamins articles and reviews

Top 10 Vitamins articles and reviews. Thorough articles about vitamins. Reviews of the vitamins. Vitamin C contributes to boosting the immune system - everything in life is a matter of timing. not like this? So just before your tin gets filled with used marriages and your throat starts to bully, you'll hear from every other person that you meet a recommendation to start vitamin C pomp and it's not a myth! To understand this you must try and prove yourself. Vitamin C Helps In Skin Care - Have You Ever Noticed That Vitamin C Starts In Lots Of Facial Nourishing Creams? And not for that reason. Vitamin C participates in the process of collagen production, which is a protein that gives strength and flexibility to the skin and the same substance that our bodies stop producing in our adult lives. If that's not clear - less collagen means more wrinkles. No thanks. Vitamin C helps protect the heart - from our heart, to your heart, it is important to know that vitamin C plays an important role in reducing the risk of developing heart disease, as well as in the production of the important carnitine amino acid essential for heart health and muscle fatty acid and energy metabolism. Vitamin C Antioxidant: Especially for the athletes among us, or anyone involved in any sporting activity, it is important to know that exercise by nature encourages oxidative processes. Do not be alarmed, for physical activity benefits outweigh the disadvantages, especially when doing it regularly. But, because a lot more oxygen is consumed when exercising (especially in cardio), it's important to provide the body with protection against all the free radicals we don't want in our body. And who can on vitamin C in this department? No, it's perfect. Vitamin C is important for smokers: Cigarettes are not good for our health. Haven't you stopped smoking yet? So it's important to know that vitamin C is so important to you. Cigarettes are the enemy of vitamin C, they simply expel it from the body. The data shows that each cigarette robs about 25 mg of vitamin C from the body. How to get vitamin C? So after understanding why Vitamin C is so important for our health, the question arises how can it be given to our body? Vitamin C is known for most of us as it is found mainly in citrus fruits such as orange, pomelo and grapefruit. But not only! Vitamin C can also be found in strawberries, gambas, broccoli and a variety of foods.

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