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Twemotion - a wep app/bot to analyze tweet emotion

Twemotion is web app/bot that measures emotions of users on Twitter, using the most popular trending topics. Emotions are classified into categories of: fear, happy, sad, angry, excited, bored, and are automatically calculated (the output being a score of 0-100) on a daily basis by taking a random sampling of the most popular trending topics and tweets associated with them (by country). The data is broken down into 5 categories according to location: worldwide, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. These countries were chosen because their citizens primarily tweet in English, which is the only language analyzed at this time. Daily emotions from the specified country's top news headlines are also included to show (graph/table) how events may be portrayed differently in the media compared to how people actually feel (according to their tweets). Also included on the graphs it generates are all major holidays and events including celestial astronomical events like eclipses, equinoxes, full/new moons, etc. so users can see how those events might affect emotions (full list available at website).

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  • 29-09-2022

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