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Here at FoodGuru.TOP we value a good meal above all else. We are a bunch of foodies from around the globe that are eager to try new stuff and discover cuisines from all around the world. Some of us are advocates of healthy eating, proper dieting, nutrition guru’s and others are simply food hedonists and will eat pretty much anything that tingles their food receptors. To be perfectly clear, we are not strongly advising you to follow our guidelines to the letter. Everyone is different and what works for some, it may not do a thing for others. Our advice is always follow your body (or gut) and take every advice with a grain of salt. Where possible, we always try to quote reliable sources, like medical studies, journals or other credible websites. We also like to state nutritional facts (where applicable) for those of you that like keeping track of your food intake. Contributors Dejan Balalovski (founder, contributor) Ben Fermans (Foodie from US) Tania Kalimov (Foodie from Europe) and more to come….

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